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Yellow Dog Coffee Roasters

Colombia ‘Anaerobic’ - 12 oz

Colombia Finca La Secreta Lychee Caturra Anaerobic 

What a mouthful! What makes this coffee so special? After this coffee is picked and de-pulped, it is sealed in an air tight vessel to essentially marinate in the absence of oxygen. The natural sugars from the coffee cherry go to work and impart and incredible tropical fruit flavor into the seeds (beans). To double down, this producer added lychee [lee-chee] fruit and other natural fruit concentrates to sweeten the pot. The result: a rare coffee that is an absolute experience and something worth talking about!

Roast: light-medium

Farm Altitude: 1700-2000 meters

Region: Antioquia

Still curious? Keep reading below for specifics from Genuine Origin:

What Is Anaerobic Coffee Processing With Lychee?

Anaerobic coffee processing is a fermentation method that deprives the coffee beans and microbes of oxygen. As carbon dioxide builds up in the tanks, pressure grows and acids like lactic acid develop, which create distinct flavor profiles in the coffee beans.

At Finca La Secreta, Juan Carlos Mejia took the anaerobic process further. In this new process he added lychee fruit, natural fruit concentrates, & yeasts & microbes the process. The result: lyrical, fruit-forward cup brimming with notes of lychee, guava, muscat grape & peach.

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